I work with children from all ages and my workshops can be adapted to suit different age groups and different durations.

I love doing workshops and events in schools and libraries.
These are some of the most fun workshops I offer!

Illustrate Your Own Story (2h)
Illustrate Your Own Story covers the exploration of story ideas, development of characters and settings and for the grand finale, the creation of a short comic-style story.
Recommended for ages 8+

Exploring Illustration Techniques (2h)
Exploring Illustration Techniques introduces children to 5 different types of illustration techniques – Colour pencils, Acrylic Painting, Watercolours, Collage and Block printing. Children produce artwork based on prompts brought in or suggested by the school/library according to their program or referenced book.
Recommended for ages 8+

Illustrating Characters (2h)
Illustrating Characters is focused on the visual development of characters for a specific story. Children are encouraged to bring their own stories or a character will be developed collectively. It includes the brainstorm of ideas for the character, traits and personality and how these can be portrayed visually through the use of shapes, lines, expression, details and colour.
Recommended for ages 8+

Elements of Illustration (2h)
Elements of illustration, presents the devices of visual communication including size, shape, composition and colour, and how they can be used to convey ideas and emotions. Children are encouraged to create pieces based on a brainstorming session for a story or prompts may be provided.
Recommended for ages 8+