Towers and Tales is a festival that happens at Lismore Castle in Co. Waterford, Ireland every year. Founded by Elaina Ryan (Children’s Books Ireland) and Niamh Sharkey, Towers & Tales is a celebration of children’s books, stories and illustration, designed to give young audiences unforgettable, creative and transformational experiences with books.

The Festival is the perfect event for children of all ages, it features superb artist’s exhibition (this year was Chris Haughton’s!), and the most relevant names in children’s literature run workshops, talks and other incredible events. Some names include Eoin Colfer, Peter Donnelly, Celine Kiernan, Katherine Rundell, Deirdre Sullivan, Karen Vaughan, Sarah Webb and much more!

Author Caroline Busher organized this year’s festival and I was honoured to take part in two events alongside Illustrators Ireland member Olivia Golden.

Firstly we organised a Sketch & Stroll with families (and people of all ages) through the castle, exploring the origins of families’ crests and its heritage, the idea of why there are stocks on its ground and imagining a flying dragon surrounding the Castle.

Later, we led a Pet Portrait Workshop in the charming Summerhouse Café (Highly recommended) in which children were invited to explore their own ideas of what pets are like creating the most magnificent creatures! Books were also given away as prizes!

An incredible festival in which the gates of Lismore Castle are open to the love of books, sparking imagination, magic, and discovery!

Towers & Tales
Lismore Castle Arts
Lismore, Co. Waterford