Lovely Rosita Sweetman has started a great project called “Something About Mary“. It all began around 2010 when Irish musician and singer Shane MacGowan gave her the image of a Madonna and since then she has been collecting the most different (and I dare say, some unusual) versions of the Holy Mary.

Her collection is not of religious background, but it aims to celebrate the motherhood or the universal earth mother as represented by the Virgin Mary. I was very pleased to contribute with the project since Something About Mary supports a legal case against pesticide poisoning, by which Rosita and her two young adult children were affected. Every artwork sold by Something About Mary supports a charity that fights against the chemical spraying (and thus poisoning) of woodlands and the people that live there.

This is my contribution: “The Dancing Mary”.



For the Dancing Mary I chose to work with acrylics and created the outlines in pen, I also used golden ink to create some of the details such as the stars and hems. To me, personally, the Dancing Mary celebrates life as whole with happiness coming from within.

Rosita has an online collection through her Facebook page, and also an actual collection including vintage pieces and responses by artists.