• 100 Days Of Dogs


    100 Days of Dogs! (English) *Exclusive Copy Signed by Tarsila Krüse * 1st Edition, hardback

    100 Days of Dogs is about the meaningful relationships between dogs and their humans.

    Award-winning illustrator Tarsila Krüse was inspired by the 100 Days Project, bringing a heartwarming perspective to one of her favourite subject matters: Dogs. What began as an exercise in drawing different breeds, turned into loving illustrated portraits of real-life dogs from friends, family, and strangers! Tarsila wanted to show more than just how lovely these pooches are, so she collected special moments owners and dogs shared in their lives and the result is this lush, beautiful hardcover book with pages filled with affection and care, showing that dogs are, truly, men’s best friends.

    Happiness is inside our hearts – as long as a dog lives in it too!

    Self-published by Tarsila Krüse Written and Illustrated by Tarsila Krüse

  • Bí ag spraoi liom! (Irish) *Exclusive Copy Signed by Tarsila Krüse * 1st Edition, hardback

    *Featured in the Late Late Toy Show*

    Lúna is a little inventor who loves playing with mummy, but mummy is always too busy to play. Then Lúna comes up with an idea! Will it work? Bí ag spraoi liom! is a story that reminds us to make time for the things that matter most in life!

    Published by Futa Fata Written by Sadhbh Devlin Illustrations by Tarsila Krüse ISBN Published by Futa Fata Written by Sadhbh Devlin Illustrations by Tarsila Krüse ISBN 978-1-910945-31-5 Age 3 – 7
  • Bliain na nAmhrán is a beautiful book is accompanied by a CD with fun songs about the four seasons of the year.

    From the blooming of spring, through the joys of summer and the coziness of autumn, all the way to the playfulness of winter, the lyrics from the songs are beautiful and fun! A thoroughly entertaining experience! Published by Futa Fata Written by Tadhh Mac Dhonnagáin and John Ryan Illustrations by Tarsila Krüse (Cover and Autumn) Brian Fitzgerald (Summer) Christina O’Donovan (Spring) Jennifer Farley (Winter) Musicians: Kathleen Chualáin Children from Connemara & Scoil Sailearna ISBN 978-1-910945 21-6 Age 3 – 7
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  • Ná Gabh ar Scoil! (Irish) *Exclusive Copy Signed by Tarsila Krüse * 2nd Edition, paperback

    Cóilín is excited about his first day of school. He has new clothes, a new backpack and his lunchbox is filled with nice food. But he has one problem – Mom doesn’t want him to go to school! A laugh-out-loud story of a little bear who cannot wait to go to school and his mom who cannot bear the idea of it.

    Published by Futa Fata Written by Myra Zepf Illustrations by Tarsila Krüse ISBN 978-1-910945-27-8 Age 5+