Inspired by the Halloween, an Irish originated holiday, Illustrators Ireland set up a very special exhibition called The Art of Superstition. As a member I was honoured enough to be part of the exhibition.

seven_waves_tarsilakruseThe “Seven Waves” piece is inspired by the different traditions and superstitions surrounding the celebrations of the New Year in Brazil. It is one of the biggest events in the whole country and as a multicultural nation, such a special night offers a mix of religious traditions, customs and superstitions. People usually wear white clothes as a way to wish for peace during the following year, and many head to the beaches (it’s summertime over there!) to send flowers and offerings into the ocean AND jump the very first seven waves after midnight.
All of these are sure to bring luck, after all, they honour the famous sea goddess Iemanjá. The ritual of the New Year passage is so important that all over the country the skies are brighter and louder, year after year.