The dlr Mill Theatre in Dundrum is celebrating Roald Dahl this summer, offering a great range of events related to one of the most celebrated (and beloved) children’s books authors of all times.

As part of their programme, I ran a Roald Dahl Drawing Bonanza Workshop, inspired by the characters in his books.

It was a fantastic experience since all of the theatre had decorations inspired by James and The Giant Peach. Wow!

In this draw-along style workshop we also learned how to draw The BFG, Sophie, Spider, Mrs. Ladybird, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

We also talked about our likes and dislikes, our favourite characters and books and even played a funny drawing game called Exquisite Corpse!

The children were absolutely fantastic! Have a look at their creations!

And if you too want to learn how to draw
the characters from James and The Giant Peach, you can
DOWNLOAD AND PRINT the Cheat Sheets I’ve created!

Click here to download the Cheat Sheets from James and The Giant Peach

A big thanks to Aoife O’Toole for organizing the workshop and the dlr Mill Theatre for providing the space so the children could create some magic of their own. See more in this little video below.