Don’t Go to School!

Don’t Go to School! (English – UK/Ireland)
*Exclusive Copy Signed by Tarsila Krüse *
1st Edition, paperback

Benno is excited about his first day of school. He has new clothes, a new backpack, and his lunchbox is filled with nice food. But he has one problem – Mom doesn’t want him to go to school! A laugh-out-loud story of a little bear who cannot wait to go to school and his mom who cannot bear the idea of it.

Published by Futa Fata
Written by Myra Zepf
Illustrations by Tarsila Krüse
ISBN 978-1-910945-38-4
Age 5+

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Product Description

This book is hand-signed by illustrator Tarsila Krüse

Featured in

The New York Times

The Irish Times

 The Irish Independent