100 Days Of Dogs


100 Days of Dogs! (English)
*Exclusive Copy Signed by Tarsila Krüse *
1st Edition, hardback

100 Days of Dogs is about the meaningful relationships between dogs and their humans.

Award-winning illustrator Tarsila Krüse was inspired by the 100 Days Project, bringing a heartwarming perspective to one of her favourite subject matters: Dogs.
What began as an exercise in drawing different breeds, turned into loving illustrated portraits of real-life dogs from friends, family, and strangers! Tarsila wanted to show more than just how lovely these pooches are, so she collected special moments owners and dogs shared in their lives and the result is this lush, beautiful hardcover book with pages filled with affection and care, showing that dogs are, truly, men’s best friends.

Happiness is inside our hearts – as long as a dog lives in it too!

Self-published by Tarsila Krüse
Written and Illustrated by Tarsila Krüse


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Product Description

“Her dogs have cheeky smiles and long eyelashes, they sit deep in conversation and smell huge flowers, some are doing the timid “good dog”-pose that indicates a tricky past, and some are ready for their belly rubs. Most of all, Tarsila Krüse’s dogs are happy – and they all have a lot of character.” Wunderdog Magazine

Also visit the 100 Days of Dogs Exhibition at the dlr Mill Theatre in Dundrum – until the 31st January 2018

This book is hand-signed by illustrator Tarsila Krüse

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