Gallery Zozimus in Dublin, a beautiful gallery that displays a great selection of paintings, sculptures, photography and prints, created The Pint Parade to celebrate this year’s Arthur’s Day, the anniversary of the Irish Guinness Brewery.

gallery_zozimus_arthurs_day_10The Zozimus Gallery created 8 giant sized ceramic Guinness pints and invited different artists to paint and create as they pleased on these unusual canvases.

gallery_zozimus_arthurs_day_02gallery_zozimus_arthurs_day_06I teamed up with the lovely illustrator Paula McGloin to create a very detailed painting portraying the celebrations of Arthur’s Day in 1759, the year Guinness was founded. We called it “Partying like t’was 1759″, pushing the boundaries of imagination and bringing a touch of quirkiness with elegant animals.

gallery_zozimus_arthurs_day_07It was such an amazing experience to create something so unusual and interesting and as always, it was a great pleasure to work along with Paula.

gallery_zozimus_arthurs_day_11The Pint Parade will be exhibited on Arthur’s Day, at Gallery Zozimus.

gallery_zozimus_arthurs_day_13Gallery Zozimus
56 Francis St.
Dublin 8