I love making personalised art and the personal portraits I create are, by far, the most fun.



A lot of people wonder how they can get one so this post explains how my work process is:

1) Meet the family!

Firstly I need to “meet” who I will be drawing, so I ask the client to send me (by email) lots of their favourite photos of every member that should be in the picture (people and/or pets!). It also makes it more fun if I have more information on them (such as jobs, hobbies, favourite colours and activities, etc.) so I can try to apply that to the portrait.



2) Making a plan.

This is when the magic begins! With the photos in hand I will start drafting a pencil sketch (in black and white – lines only) and I will send it through email for approval.

This is the most important part of the process and it’s crucial to get it right. I ONLY move forward when my client is truly SUPER HAPPY with the sketch. The reason for it is because all of the changes can be made very easily and promptly at this stage. After this, changes become way more complicated so they are charged extra.


3) Let the magic begin!

Once the client is stoked about the sketch I’ll begin painting the work. This is so much fun! I get to bring the drawing to life with colours, textures and other smaller details so my client can love it even more! (Can you tell how much fun I have in making these?) Once the portrait is finished I send it to the client (again through email) for approval and this process usually takes about a week but can take longer depending on how much work I currently have on.


4) Get it on paper

When the client has approved the coloured artwork I will send it to a very reputable local Fine Art printer to have it printed in Giclée, a fine art printing process done in cotton rag, using high-quality archival pigments, which result into a very high-quality print, with more vibrant colours that do not fade through time.



5) With love, to you.

Once the artwork is printed I will personally package it very carefully with all my attention and care and I will post it or deliver it to the address the client desires. HOORAY!


I hope you have enjoyed learning more about my process to create personalised portraits and if you still have questions, please leave them below and I’ll be glad to answer them.

Chat soon!