The Brazilian printers Tesouro Laser have kindly invited me to contribute with the artwork for the covers of their first school products, including a line of notebooks and sketchbooks.


The artworks provided for the project were “Instant Star”, “Monster”, “Long Way Around” and “Penguin”, which were then adapted to the notebook and sketchbook covers in order to reach the local target, adding different features and allowing for personal customisation.


The experiment worked well and it allowed for a great learning curve for both Tesouro Laser and myself and now they’re already developing their brand new line for 2013.


Client testimonial:
“Working with Tarsila on the project Tesouro Laser + Tarsila Krüse was great. She delivered everything we agreed upon and as it was a trial line I believe it was well accepted into the market.

I believe however that the line was targeted to a more feminine audience and the image was fixed. Within time I realized that more and more clients asked for a mix of the artwork and personal images, thus it became evident that in this project people were looking for customisation and overall I was very pleased with the experience”
Paulo Lopes, Owner of Tesouro Laser

Tesouro Laser HQ
Rua XV de Novembro, 89
Centro – São Paulo – SP – Brazil