As a creative person, I enjoy a myriad of resources from other creative folks. The work of a freelancer can be somewhat lonely and when I listen to podcasts I find a way to expand my creative horizons, find more ways to be productive, to enjoy work, and also to be entertained.

Here are 10 of my very favorite Podcast companions listed by categories:


Art & Creativity

1) Creative Pep Talk
Hosted by Andy J. Miller (aka Andy J. Pizza) this podcast is excellent for sprucing up your creative game. It shakes the dust of procrastination and has incredible insights into making a living from your art.

2) Make It Then Tell Everybody
Hosted by Dan Berry, Make It Then Tell Everybody offers casual (and fun) interviews with illustrators and artists in the comics industry about their processes, ideas, projects and much more.

3) Pencil Kings
Hosted by Mitch Bowler, The Pencil Kings Podcast interviews artists about their creative journey, current projects and the behind-the-scenes in making things.

4) The Accidental Creative
Hosted by Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative is a perfect mix of creativity and business. Todd offers interviews and his own insights into the creative profession. His episodes are chock-a-block full of actionable steps to lead a fulfilling creative life.

5) Sunday Dispatches
Hosted by the straightforward Paul Jarvis, the Sunday Dispatches is a non-nonsense, short show that helps creative people kick ass where creativity meets commerce.


Children’s Books

6) All The Wonders
Hosted by Matthew Winner, All The Wonders is an amazing podcast with interviews with authors, illustrators, agents and overall all the lovely people who contribute in the children’s books world.

7) The Picturebooking Podcast
Hosted by Nick Patton, The Picturebooking Podcast is a semi-weekly podcast fully dedicated to picturebooks showcasing lovely interviews with pb makers.



8) Myths and Legends
Jason Weiser is a fantastic storyteller sharing myths and legends from all over the world. His narratives are incredibly entertaining (especially because of his own remarks and adapted modern version dialogs).

9) No Such Thing As A Fish
No Such Thing as a Fish is a weekly podcast hosted by four QI Elves, who each bring an interesting/amusing/bizarre favorite facts to be thoroughly discussed in the show. It’s the perfect combination of funny and brainy.

10) Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids
The title says it all. Dan Misener hosts live shows in which people bring in their writings from when they were children or teenagers to read aloud. It’s all about sharing the good, bad and awkward parts of growing up. Get ready to laugh really hard.


These are my top 10 Podcast shows. What are yours?