One of the things I enjoy the most about being part of the Blind Elephant Collective is the opportunity to create projects together. The collaborative nature of a collective is that of an effort holding strength in numbers and quality. This is the case with the Colour Me Blind, the colouring book, by the Blind Elephant Collective.

Idealized by our member Terrie O’Neil, Colour Me Blind is a no-nonsense colouring book for adults that incorporate the essence of our group – a wide range of styles and approaches to the same themes – Nature, Manmade, and Elephant (after all, we ARE THE Blind Elephants!)

The Colour Me Blind launch was even more expansive; we were delighted to invite the public to contribute to the project, bringing their own colouring style to our creations during a night of relaxing fun at the great Bread & Bones in Dublin city centre.

Armed with a gazillion pages to colour (plus markers, pencils and other bits and bobs) people were kindly invited to colour and enjoy their favourite drink while meditating, chatting and appreciating a “floating” exhibition with the original coloured pieces by The Elephants themselves.

The Colour Me Blind Book was available in our small pop-up shop too.

Some are still available; if you’re interested, contact our Blind Elephant Facebook Page

A great project I’m proud to have collaborated in.