I’m always delighted to come along to the fantastic weekend-long Children’s Books Ireland Conference. CBI is the National Children’s Books Organisation of Ireland and as such it has the mission to make books central to every child’s life as well as supporting and celebrating excellent authors and illustrators, so it’s no wonder that this year’s conference was nothing short of incredible. My personal highlights include the “New Voices” segment with Sadhbh Devlin (author of our BABY book Bí ag spraoi liom!) and Sinéad O’Hart (check out her book – The Eye of the North), poet/performer Joseph Coelho, the incredible Debi Gliori and a glorious story carpet ride with James Mayhew.

This year I stumbled upon something quite different in my own way of absorbing all of its content by making “Visual Notes” and this is what you’ll see here.

If you prefer written notes, I highly recommend reading the notes from author Sarah Webb’s blog (as a matter of fact, you should follow her on social media, she’s GREAT!)

Hope you all enjoy it!