The latest issue of Books Ireland Magazine (Sept/Oct 2017) is completely focused on illustration and it explores the many forms it’s used now in Ireland.

I was invited by editor Tony Canavan to contribute to this issue with an opinion piece on the role of illustration (and illustrators) in Ireland. It’s entitled From Cave to PC in which I recap the history of illustration down to the specific Irish market.

Here’s an excerpt:

Illustration has played many different roles throughout history. First, in its primitive form, the rupestrian paintings registered some of humankind’s earliest experiences; later pictographic systems, like hieroglyphs, evolved. Much later when the printed press evolved and writing and reading became more popular, images were considered as having more supportive and decorative role, to assist stories…” 

Also, our beloved Award-Winning book Bliain na nAmhrán (written and composed by Tadhg MacDhonnagáin – illustrated by Tarsila Krüse (Cover and Autumn), Christina O’Donovan (spring), Brian Fitzgerald (Summer) and Jennifer Farley (Winter) has been featured! We love it! Thank you!

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Books Ireland Magazine is the longest-running book magazine in the country.

The cover is by the talented Steve McCarthy (a piece from the book A Sailor went to Sea Sea Sea, written by Sarah Webb, published by O’Brien Press).