Published by Futa Fata
Written by Myra Zepf
Illustrations by Tarsila Krüse
ISBN 978-1-910945-27-8
Age 5+

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“Mummy can’t bear to part with her little Coilin. The little bear, however, in a humorous reversal of roles, assures his mother that she will get used to meeting other parents and will make new friends. Mummy Bear wants to participate in the various school activities, especially the Art class. It takes ingenuity from Coilin who kisses his own hand and fills his Mummy’s pocket with the kisses – kisses she can touch if she gets lonely. The puzzled faces of the other little bears are a delight. Age 4+”
Mary Arrigan, The Irish Examiner

Ná Gabh ar Scoil! (Irish)

Colin is excited about his first day of school. He has new clothes, a new backpack and his lunchbox is filled with nice food. But he has one problem – Mom doesn’t want him to go to school!
A laugh-out-loud story of a little bear who cannot not wait to go to school his mom who cannot bear the idea of it.

Selected as IBBY Book Choice for Europe’s Children’s Books in European Languages

“A loving story of how a family goes through the feelings and concerns of when a child starts school, Mary Zepf’s text is open and lovely and the funny drawings by Tarsila Krüse allow rich opportunities to be discussed in classrooms.”
Hanna Deacon, CBI Judge Young Book of the Year Award Panel

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Don’t Go To School!

Ná Gabh ar Scoil! has been translated into English and published in the North American market by the great people at Sterling Publishing!

“Krüse’s art, in bear-friendly shades of honey and moss, is as warm and balanced as Zepf’s story.”
(US Edition – Don’t Go to School! by Sterling Publishing)
Maria Russo, The New York Times

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