Artist Interview: Margaret Anne Suggs

Margaret Anne Suggs is very prolific illustrator born and raised in America, now based in Dublin, Ireland. She he loves to draw and, as you would expect, her specialty is children’s picture books.  She describes her detailed work as "(...) peppered with charismatic cats and ladybirds that bring stories to life." Mags, as she is [...]

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Personalised portraits

I love making personalised art and the personal portraits I create are, by far, the most fun.   A lot of people wonder how they can get one so this post explains how my work process is: 1) Meet the family! Firstly I need to “meet” who I will be [...]

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Baboró Festival 2016

This year, I had the immense pleasure to attend to the Baboró Festival in Galway. For those who aren't familiar with it, Baboró is Ireland's flagship arts festival dedicated exclusively to children and families. The Baboró Festival runs for a full week and it aims to offer the most diverse selection [...]

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