The Drawing Cheat Sheet

Sometimes when drawing it's hard to think how we can make characters special, but fear not! The *quick * Drawing Cheat Sheet is here to help you! With an assortment of ideas for lines, head shapes, features, expressions, and details, your characters will never be boring again! Click here to [...]

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Favourite: Top 10 Podcast Shows

As a creative person, I enjoy a myriad of resources from other creative folks. The work of a freelancer can be somewhat lonely and when I listen to podcasts I find a way to expand my creative horizons, find more ways to be productive, to enjoy work, and also to [...]

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Artist Interview: Margaret Anne Suggs

Margaret Anne Suggs is very prolific illustrator born and raised in America, now based in Dublin, Ireland. She he loves to draw and, as you would expect, her specialty is children’s picture books.  She describes her detailed work as "(...) peppered with charismatic cats and ladybirds that bring stories to life." Mags, as she is [...]

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