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Bookkeeping for artists – Part 2

Bookkeeping is one of those things that (most) artists dread doing. It has a lot to do with numbers and business and it can look scary, especially if you're starting managing your business account. This is a long post, but very easy to follow, so bear with me! A few [...]

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Judging By The Cover Exhibition

Last summer I was lucky enough to be part of a wonderful exhibition with Illustrators Ireland members called “Judging by The Cover”. Organized by incredible illustrator and superwoman Margaret Anne Suggs, the exhibition allowed people to take a closer look at the cover art of popular books, periodicals, and magazines in [...]

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Colour Me Blind – The colouring book

One of the things I enjoy the most about being part of the Blind Elephant Collective is the opportunity to create projects together. The collaborative nature of a collective is that of an effort holding strength in numbers and quality. This is the case with the Colour Me Blind, the [...]

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