Today it is with much pleasure that I bring to you a very interesting interview with Award winning cartoonist and illustrator Fintan Taite.

Fintan is an Illustrators Ireland member and has over 10 years of a very successful art career working with editorial illustration, advertising, cartoons, comics and books. I invited him to talk a little bit about his work, so let’s dig in!


Hi Fintan! You’re work is very interesting and your characters so expressive!
Who were (or are) your artistic inspirations?
Fintan – My first big inspiration as a small child was American comics. I was totally hooked from the start! The bold primary colours and dynamic artwork exploded in my brain and set me on the winding path to becoming an artist. As I got older and learned more about the history of cartooning and Illustration I discovered the work of legendary cartoonists such as Sempe, Ronald Searle, Andre Francois, Saul Steinberg and many more amazing mid-century artists.


What is your favourite medium to work with and why?
Fintan –Traditional dip Pen and Indian ink is the starting point for all my work. I like the feel of the nib gliding across the paper and the happy accidents that can’t be replicated with anything else. It’s a tool that can be difficult to master but is well worth the effort.


Could you please give an example of a project you’re really proud of?
Fintan – Last year Children’s Books Ireland commissioned me to design and Illustrate a Reading Passport for their Doctor Scheme that I really enjoyed putting together. For personal work I’d say this years Inktober drawings and my new picture book, The New Cat, that can be purchased online HERE!


Are there any projects you’re currently working on?
Fintan – Yes, It looks like a busy year ahead already with more comics and picture books in the pipeline, which I can’t say too much about…yet!


Could you please share a picture of your workspace?

Where can people find you online? has all my latest work.


Quick chit-chat!
What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour? Pistachio!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Dublin (Paris would be a close second!)

Do you collect anything? I collect vintage books on every subject and genre but the majority would be related to cartooning, illustration and art.

What’s your favourite word? Diplodocus

What makes you happiest? Spending time searching vintage and second hand bookshops for unloved gems.

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Thank you Fintan! We cannot wait to find out more about your work for 2016!