The 100 Days of Dogs Book is
the meaningful relationships
between dogs and their humans.

Award-winning children’s book illustrator Tarsila Krüse created 100 different dog portraits featuring pooches with charm and poise, capturing their personalities and special moments. Some of these stories are touching, others unbelievable, and some will make you laugh, but they all have something in common, they speak to the true nature of the wonderful creature that is a dog.

Happiness is inside our hearts – as long as a dog lives in it too!

Numbered and hand-signed
Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity

“A really fun and interesting look at everyday dogs and their personalities! It’s great reading stories about dogs and looking at the amazing illustrations that match them up perfectly. Everyone that I’ve shown the book has a favorite dog based on a relatable story or quirky caricature that reminds them of dogs in their lives.”
William Brennan
“The 100 Days Of Dogs Book is GORGEOUS! SO many adorable illustrations, beautifully designed, lovely print job. COMHGHAIRDEACHAS!”
Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin, Editor at Futa Fata
“We love the 100 Days Of Dogs Book! It’s beautifully done. So much attention to doggy detail and I really like the bone pages! The page with Otis is the best! Congratulations! It deserves 5 doggy treats!”
Shireen Marcus
“The children’s book illustrator has just published her first book for adults, 100 Days of Dogs. While in her signature child-friendly style, the volume is aimed squarely at dog lovers, and each heartfelt illustration is accompanied by a description of the dog.”
Wunderdog Magazine